6 Activities to Keep the Kids Entertained in the Smokies

For those with young families, it can often be a headache planning a vacation that will not only suit but entertain all members. Concerns such as safety, journey time, value for money and of course proximity to a bathroom always have to be taken into consideration, while the invariable tantrums and unavoidable outbursts and can often make the operation seem like more trouble than it is worth.

Thankfully, the Smoky Mountains comes well equipped with activities and facilities that can satisfy even the youngest and most boisterous of your family, giving you the chance to sit back, relax and really enjoy your hard-earned vacation.


Horseback Riding

The great outdoors are a very big place, especially for those with only little legs but this doesn’t mean that anyone need miss out on the majestic sights of the Smoky Mountains. Various tour companies operate throughout the area that offer visitors the opportunity to explore the mountainside perched atop a noble steed, very much in the manner of the early settlers many years ago, a history lesson that all ages will be sure to enjoy. Parents be assured, all the horses are very docile and well-used to the company of kids.



While many of the trails around the Smoky Mountains are reserved for only the more experienced and enthusiastic of outdoorsmen, there are also several routes that are rated easy-moderate which can certainly be tackled be even the most untested of explorers. Roaring Fork and Cades Loop are two such trails but be guaranteed that these in no way substitute comfort for points of interest and will reward hikers with views from the summit that are comparable to anywhere else in the park.



The beauty of nature, however, can be enjoyed in yet greater serenity. On the Little River, families can float leisurely downstream while taking in the sights of the surrounding forest, the kids free to frolic in the safe and languid waters.



Like any theme park, Dollywood prides itself on the thrills and spills of its roller coasters. But for those not yet vertically fortunate enough to take on the twists and turns of bigger rides, there is still plenty to set little pulses racing. Most of the kiddie-friendly attractions are located near the entrance of the park, the Rockin’ Roadway always proving a particular favorite.


Petting Zoos

For those with very young children, a day at the petting zoos gives kids the opportunity to pet, feed and interact with a vast array of their favorite animals. The Smoky Mountain Deer Farm and Exotic Petting Zoo houses zebras, kangaroos, and goats all of whom are very friendly and quite used to the poking and prodding of inquisitive little hands.


The Comedy Barn

Pigeon Forge’s much loved comedy club. Unlike the smoky, dimly-lit surroundings typical of a comedy club, however, The Comedy Barn provides entertainment for all ages including skits, stunts, audience participation and the ever-popular magic shows that are sure to delight the entire family.